DanceVersity World Dance Camp 2016

Summer camp has new dances every week, performances on Fridays at 3 pm

DanceVersity summer camp

Discounts for multiple weeks, siblings, and bringing a friend!

DanceVersity summer camp

After-school Dance Classes

  • Mondays, 4:30 - 6 pm
  • Ashkenaz in Berkeley
  • Starts again September 2016

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DanceVersity ensemble dancing at the Fairfax Festival

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Ensemble Performances

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Adult dance classes and workshops with DanceVersity director Hannah Romanowsky

Hannah Romanowksi - DanceVersity Instructor and Director


DanceVersity - World Dance for Youth

DanceVersity Summer Camp 2016

The popular DanceVersity kids and teens summer dance camp returns to Berkeley, California, and you can register online. Want to know what it's like? Watch our video, check the camp page and read our testimonials!

Fees: $380 per week - discounts for multiple weeks

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DanceVersity Haitian

DanceVersity Winter/Spring 2016 Dance Classes

Portsha Jefferson brings her wealth of performance experience, 10-years of teaching Haitian dance to Bay Area students, and passion for youth development to one of our most in-demand classes.

at Ashkenaz Music & Dance Center
1317 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley

Video from the Spring 2015 Performance of La Syrene, composed and choreographed by Portsha Jefferson:

Summer Dance Camp 2015

The popular DanceVersity summercamp returns to Berkeley, California, and you can register online Want to know what it's like? Watch our video and read our testimonials!

Week 2: August 10 -14 ~ RHYTHM - Experience the rhythms created by dancing

Week 3: August 17 - 21 ~ STORIES - Focus on historical and creative storytelling

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DanceVersity Dance Camp Berkeley circus

DanceVersity Berkely Summer Dance Camp gamelan

DanceVersity Berkeley Classes

Spring, 2015 - Kalaripayattu with Kamala Devam

Kamala Devam will be teaching an exciting martial art form from the South Indian state of Kerala called "Kalaripayattu". This martial art is little-known in the Bay Area and is claimed to be the mother of all others including karate and kung fu, brought from India to other parts of Asia by Buddhist monks in the 4th century. Often called "Kalari" for short, this movement language is similar to dancing in its beauty and athleticism, incorporating the fighting actions of animals found in Indian jungles and moving in graceful, circular motions between fantastic kicks and flying jumps. Students will become stronger, more flexible and have fun learning a completely new way of moving!

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Winter, 2015 - Haitian Folkloric Dance with Portsha Jefferson

Engaging and spirited, Haitian folk dances embody a rich tradition and sense of pride. Students are introduced to traditional folkloric dances, customs, Creole songs and phrases.


Fall 2014 - Bollywood Dancing with Bella Qureshi

DanceVersity Bollywood DanceBollywood dance, based on Indian film dances, is filled with characters, colorful costumes, and pure joy. It is a rhythmic and celebratory dance that mixes the physicality of hip hop/funk with the soul of the ancient tradition of India. In these classes learn the basic Eastern rhythms and upbeat, energetic movements that make up Bollywood dance, with instructor Isabella Qureshi!


Marin (San Rafael)

DanceVersity Performances

DanceVersity performance ensemble

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2014 Events

DanceVersity dancers, Indian dance

DanceVersity News

DanceVersity teacher Portsha Jefferson and studentsReflecting the diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area, DanceVersity provides education in dance, music, and cultural appreciation, including Persian, Balinese, Indian Classical, Greek, South African, Russian, African Foundations, Dance Hall, Indian Kathak, Lyric, Afro-Peruvian, Haitian, Turkish Roma, Egyptian Dom, Bollywood, Hip Hop, Guinean, Native American, Parisian, Hawaiian, Samba, Contemporary, Flamenco, Moroccan, Polish, Korean, Azeri, Modern Dance, Jewish, Bharata Natyam, Tahitian, Theatrical dance, and much more!

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International Women's Forum Hall of Fame Gala

On Friday October 26th, DanceVersity staff and students, in collaboration with Shoshanna Rose and Ya Habibi Dance Company from Humboldt County, performed for an international audience of an estimated 1,200, including international dignitaries and press, for the International Women’s Forum Hall of Fame Gala event... read more at the DanceVersity blog!

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2011 DanceVersity at Solano Stroll
DanceVersity at the Solano Stroll, 2011

Adult Dance Classes

Hannah Romanowsky, DanceVersity director also offers adult dance classes and workshops